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Peter and the Wolf

We invite particularly Pre-School, Kinders, Aged Care facilities to attend our season of ‘Peter and the Wolf’. Our production always captures the children’s imagination.  

The intricacies of the friendships between Bird, Cat, Peter and Duck are cleverly portrayed – and the remaining characters Grandfather, Wolf and Hunters add further interest and drama.

Young children relate extremely well to our performers who serve as role models for them. A visit to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ often triggers the children’s own rendition of the classic.

Peter and the Wolf

Tuesday 11 September & Wednesday 12 September 2018
9.30am – Peter and the Wolf plus Carnival
11.15am – Peter and the Wolf plus BeBlocks

Thursday 13 September 2018
10.30am – Peter and the Wolf plus Carnival

Running time – 1 hour

Saturday 15 September 2018, 4pm
The Nicholas Chamber Orchestra & Narrator Derek Guille

Peter and the Wolf
Peter and the Wolf

Running time – 2 hours

At The Whitehorse Centre,
397 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading

Booking via
The Whitehorse Centre

Carnival of the Animals

We are pleased to announce the inclusion also of the ballet ‘Carnival’ with libretto by Nick Enright. The humour and the Australian references will appeal to young girls and boys alike and reinforce the enjoyment that theatre can provide.

See the walking dinosaur, the aquarium scene and of course the elephant. A sample of the character of these poems shows how cleverly the words transform this well known Saint-Saens music.

The animals are making a Carnival
Today from dawn till dark
They’ll disembark from Noah’s Ark
And head off for the nearest park
You’ll hear them squeak and squawk and squark
Bellow and baa and bray and bark

The lamb, the lion, the lynx, the lark
Everyone’s welcome except the shark
Today my street’s a safari park
A carnival from dawn till dark
A carnival, a carnival
Carnival of the animals!

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